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We are a family run business in Wallaroo known for horse riding excellence and exceptional equine knowledge. We offer horse riding birthday parties to fulfil your child's dreams and provide them with a party they'll cherish for years to come. Learn new skills and take part in an unforgettable experience with our professional team of trainers. Contact us today to secure your child's birthday surprise!

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Horsey Parties

Our team of professionals will help your child celebrate their birthday in a magical way. Give them the gift of a horse experience and celebrate in style with a few close friends and the Gooromon Park ponies. Your child will learn many fun new skills, including how to groom a horse, riding etiquette, and how to vault! Our birthday parties are held every Saturday for a minimum of six children. Sessions run from 11am - 12.30pm, 1:30pm - 3:00pm, 3pm - 4.30pm, or 3:30pm - 5:30pm. Contact us for more information and secure your spot today!

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Party Information & Invitation

Our information packs provide parents with everything they need to know about our horse riding parties. We can also provide invitations to send out to your child's friends. Invitations include a map and directions to Gooromon Park, as well as information about what to wear. The birthday party information package includes similar information, as well as an online disclaimer form that must be completed before your party arrives. Contact us today for more details about our information packs and disclaimer forms!

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Safety Procedures

Our highly trained equine professionals will make sure your child's birthday party is as safe as it is fun. Full safety gear is provided and instructors will supervise the entire horse riding experience. Children are introduced to the horses and taught how to properly conduct themselves around these beautiful animals. After introductions, they will be divided into two groups. One group will learn how to groom their horses while the other group learns how to vault. Then, they'll switch! During vaulting, the horse is equipped with a special vaulting roller. This gives children handles to hold onto while the instructor controls the horse, ensuring high levels of safety the entire time. If you have any questions about the riding experience, contact the Gooromon Park team today and we will be happy to answer them!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost?
    A minimum of six children must be booked for parties to proceed:
    6 Children - $414
    Additional Child - $69 per Child
    A $100 up-front non-refundable deposit must be paid to secure your booking.
  • What is vaulting? 
    Often described as gymnastics on horseback, vaulting integrates horsemanship and improves a rider's seat, balance, rhythm, and coordination as well as their confidence on the horse. Most importantly, our coaches have control of the horse at all times so it's a perfect introduction to horses. 
  • What do we provide? 
    Trained equine professionals, the horse, the arena space, and the party room.
  • Where is the party area? 
    We have two party areas both overlooking the arenas. When weather permits we also have outdoor picnic areas. 
  • What happens if it rains?
    We have a fully enclosed indoor arena so our parties continue inside.

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Accredited Horse Riding Centre

We are Canberra's only accredited Australian Horse Riding Centre and are renowned for horse riding excellence.

Safe and Professional

Our professional equestrian athletes and trainers will fully supervise the entire event, introducing your children to our friendly horses and keeping them safe while riding.

A Magical Experience

We are committed to making every party a safe and fun experience. Our team will provide your child with a magical party they'll cherish for years to come.

Family Run Business

We have been a family run business since 1995. Over the years, we have created a successful riding school with highly qualified instructors and happy, well-mannered horses.

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Gooromon Park is a professional riding school located in Wallaroo. We provide horse riding birthday parties that your child is sure to love. Make your child's birthday wish come true this year and book in for a Horsey Party today!


"Safe, top quality instruction from a caring and dedicated group of people. Horses, gear and facilities all great condition. Fabulous environment for kids or adults to learn how to be safe and have fun around horses, through from beginner to competition level."Bronwyn F.

"This place is wonderful. Beautifully educated staff and horses. Lovely environment. You will always learn something new here and you will want to keep coming back. If I could give more stars, I definitely would."M. Sparks

"Gooromon park is absolutely amazing! The team were wonderful, friendly and patient. My child had an absolutely incredible time and wants to go back asap! Not only was it a fun day but my child learned a great deal and build alot of confidence too. Will definitely be joining the next school holiday program and potentially lessons as well. Highly recommend Gooromon park for anyone with an interest in horses."Meagan F.

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